Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ready to Change FOR GOOD

Im 29 been on every single diet out there.......multipul times at that!!! Ive had success but then something happens I slack off and bam the weight is back. And then I find yet another plan to go on and the circle continues          

Im ready to change forever. This is my last year to be in my 20s. and I dont want to spend it overweight. I was showing my husband the other my goal paper and it said to be fit and he said something like yeah well that probably wont ever happen........ugh I couldnt believe him!! I was pissed but then I realised why he would say such a thing. In our 10 years of being together Ive always been on some kind of diet, always had a gym memberships, always just WANT to lose weight. but never making it last and pushing through the pain , anyway so here I am..................On a mission to prove my husband wrong and to myself that I CAN DO THIS!!